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Welcome to the Double Happiness Beijing Courtyard Hotel

Living in the real heart of the city, you have a chance to witness the daily life of Chinese people, living in a courtyard house with over 200 year’s of history, you are closer to the stories of ancient Chinese life...
Whether you are exploring Chinese culture or just seeking a peaceful retreat, our hotel is the place to begin your cultural journey.

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Beijing Double Happiness
Courtyard Hotel

tel. +86 10 6400 7762
fax. +86 10 6400 7763

Night Show
As a melting pot of 5000-year Chinese culture, Beijing shows her spectacular cultural and historical feature in the daytime, as well as in the evening. Come to enjoy the charming Beijing night.
Beijing Tour
As one of the greatest city in the world, Beijing is worthy of a long time to visit. We are willing to make perfect arrangements for every minutes of your stay in Beijing.
Traditional Cuisine
The typical Chinese and Western food served give you that "at home" feeling. You can also try the typical local food which is made of fresh materials and traditional styles.
Delicated Courtyard
The hotel is located in the real central area of the city, steeped in typical Chinese culture and history. This courtyard used to be the house of a gifted, ancient scholar and dignitary, Mr. Ji Xiaolan during the Qing dynasty.