Beijing Silk Figurines

Handmade Beijing silk figurines are a sought after souvenir in China and a proud representation of the amazing and talented skills of Chinese craftsmen. Beijing silk figurines are lined in silk from head to toe. The face and hands are made from natural silk.

The rest of the body is made from fine silk cloth.Plumbum wire is used to construct the delicate frame. Gauze and cotton form the shape of the body. The eyes can take on many qualities and give the figure a realistic presence.

The hair is made from thin black threads and is evenly arranged into a bun. The unique and distinctive facial features are painted onto the figure with special colours and pens. The clothing and accessories are also made from silk and feature stunning embroidered patterns.

It can take artisans up to two months to finish one silk figurine. There are twelve intricate steps which must be completed before the final product is finished. These include sculpting, painting, designing clothes and props and arranging hair.