Lacquer Carving

Lacquerware are objects decoratively covered with lacquer. The lacquer is sometimes inlaid or carved. Lacquerware includes boxes, tableware, buttons and even coffins painted with lacquer, mostly from East Asian cultures.

Lacquer carving technique involves applying natural lacquer with a certain thickness on the surface of a matrix, then engraving delicate designs on the lacquered surface with a knife. The carved lacquer ware is classified as "Carved Red", "Carved Black", "Carved Polychrome" and "Carved Red and Black" lacquer wares based on different colors applied. Beijing's carved lacquer ware is decorated with classic simplicity and exquisite engravings, and has radiant luster and elegant shape. These pieces in a stable form are resistant to humidity, erosion and heat. Lacquer carving technique is an important member of Chinese lacquer process and one of the traditional arts and crafts in Beijing. It is valued as a treasure of Chinese traditional arts and reflects the skills and ingenuity of the nation's craft artists.